EuroSTEAM Project Overview

What is the EuroSTEAM Project?

The EuroSTEAM project has been approved by Erasmus Plus in order to look into the deficit of STEAM skills in young students throughout Europe. The aim of the project is to identify how we can use more interactive and creative teaching methodologies in our classrooms in order to excite and engage students in STEAM subjects..


You may be wondering why we decided to focus on STEAM methodologies as part of project. Creativity and exploration is something that is promoted and encouraged throughout the STEAM careers and European policies have placed strong emphasis on the importance of these subjects within education

Outcome 1: Our European Analysis of STEAM

We have created a comparative analysis report which has identified Shortcomings within the STEAM subjects and highlighted how we can introduce different learning methods into our classrooms to reduce these skills gaps in the future.

Outcome 2: STEAM Camps

In order to give educators a starting block for introducing these subjects in the classroom, we have created 3 camps with different themes and focuses. These camps have been fully explained through resources and guides and are openly available to you.

Outcome 3: Online Toolkit

We have produced this online toolkit which will act as a library for educators throughout Europe to access if they need to run a STEAM based lesson or workshop within their classroom. This is open sources a freely available to use for students and teachers.


Our project consortium consist of 7 European organisations, Please select an organisation below to learn more about these