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The EuroSTEAM project brings together 7 collaborative partners from across Europe to bring to you exciting lesson resource which are open source and free to use on your classroom. We hope that these resources can be used throughout Europe to excite young students about the opportunities in STEAM careers.

This project has been funded by Erasmus plus to produce different outcomes that will improve the engagement of students within STEAM lessons and workshops throughout Europe. You can find a full overview of our project and collaboration by clicking the link below:

Project Overview


Our project consortium consist of 7 European organisations, Please select an organisation below to learn more about these


Through EuroSTEAM, our partners have created 3 camps for you to follow within your own classroom. Each of these camps have been designed with a special theme in mind.

Please feel free to view each of the camps and download the resources.

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  • Camp 3
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Analysis Report

The Comparative Analysis Report has been written to identify the under-achievement of basic Maths, Science and Literacy skills. In this report we look at some of the important factors surrounding the STEAM initiatives including:


Why are students across Europe lacking in basic skills in these subjects.


How can we engage students in interesting and creative ways.


What are the current trends in English, Science and Maths throughout Europe.

STEAM education

Using STEAM resources to excite students in career opportunities.


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If you have any questions or suggestions for us or want to contribute some resources to the EuroSTEAM page, please get in touch and we can work together to boost the resources on this page.