Contest and Challenges

Contest and Challenges camp is designed as a series of mixed activities where students working in small groups face different problems. Each module features a challenge to be faced as a team; each challenge has a subject emphasising logic, text analysis, maths and engineering. This choice, as for all the 3 Camps, triggers a conceptualisation process, stimulated by the challenge, where students organise information in a structured knowledge system. The challenge’s aim is to solve a given problem and compare the results achieved among workgroups; during each session, it’s important to create the correct team dynamics by dividing tasks among single members and planning effectively the time available. During this camp, teachers drop their “boss-like” role and become facilitators.

Icebreaker - Online scavenger hunt

Before you begin this camp, Why not try our special icebreaker that will test the students and introduce them to some of the logic used throughout this camp



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Coding Challenge

A Scratch hackathon focused to solve a given theme. Different teams will be engaged to develop, in two hours, a software application made with Scratch. The hackathon is a contest where participants must create a product through a creative use of programming tools, and the entire challenge could be related to a particular theme. Students are split into groups of 4 and the target for each team is to develop a software around a topic chosen by the teacher. The activity can also include the development of creative actions on real problems. An important part of the module is when students present their own product to the rest of the class, as each team will have to sum up and show their work in just 3 minutes.

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Real or hoax

In this module, students are given various topics and asked to use creative research methods to investigate whether the topics are real or if they are a hoax. Students will work together to identify what makes each of the given topics possible or impossible!

Build up a Geodesic Dome

A geodesic dome is a system of triangular forms linked together to enclose a space. Geodesic domes are structures which offer an opportunity to investigate interesting concepts in engineering, math, and environmental science. In this module, straws and joints will be used to make a complex structure which is a geometric shape based on triangles. The support material will provide detailed information on how to assemble the kit of straws and joints.

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Natural Propulsion race

Teams will be engaged in the challenge of build a vehicle with natural propulsion. This propeller should be of common use and could be found in the kit offered by the teacher. Each team will compete at the end of challenge in a race. The one that will arrive more far will win. Each team should be interested about the composition and effect of the propulsion and at the same time about the vehicle’s design.


Post Camp Evaluation